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Electrical equipment

Electric installation assembly ensure their activities by service working in town Liberec. The region in which we operate is Northern Bohemia, Central Bohemia and Eastern Bohemia Region and than the whole Czech Republic. The operation dispose of 20 fitters and within subdeliveries the number of fitters is considerably higher. The annual gross duties range around 30 mil. CZK. Electric installation assembly do activities of electro assembling and electro installation works including deliveries of low voltage switchboards of their own production within the reconstructions or new objects namely lighting, technological changes and within completion supplies and ensures assembly of high voltage, measuring + regulation, fire alarm system, el. security system, light current, thunder lead-in, designs. In the area of building objects it mean banks, multifunctional houses, apartments buildings, single houses, health cares, industrial complexes, assembly halls, etc.

During last few years we establish co-operation with foreign companies on high qualified electric installation works namely with NITSCHE, AEG, ABB, HERMOS, BENTELER, where the work was concentrate to the halls for strain of new cars ŠKODA, new painting in ŠKODA a.s. Mladá Boleslav, reconstruction in production area for cars ŠKODA.

In the sphere of production of switchboards our service produce plastic switchboards (ETZ Hensel Roudnice, ETEZET Budyně, Schrack, OEZ, Hager, Geyer, Kopp, Felten), steel-sheet switchboards, switchgear cubicles, desk switchboards, operation panel switchboards with surface treatment – by powder colour RAL by request. Inner shouldered of switchboards by equipments is given by requirement and by demanding of employer.

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